HK Express : 二人同行直飛大阪 探索 天空之花 之美優惠

【二人同行直飛大阪 探索「天空之花」之美!】
【Travel Duo Fly Direct to Osaka to Discover the Beauty of Baby Blue Eyes】

春夏遊大阪絕佳節目 – 漫遊粉蝶花海!二人同行前往大阪,即享來回票價低至HKD 656/人* 特別優惠!計劃喺5-6月份出發大阪,記得唔好錯過有「天空之花」之稱嘅粉蝶花季喇!立即買飛,前往大阪感受粉藍花海魅力!Gotta GO︰

預訂日期:即日至 2024年3月24日(23:59)
旅遊日期:2024年4月5日 至 7月15日

Discover the enchanting Osaka Spring-Summer Experience – Wander through a sea of dreamy Baby Blue Eyes! Journey to Osaka with a companion and enjoy round-trip tickets for as low as HKD 656/person* through our exclusive promotional offer. Planning a visit to Osaka in May or June? Don’t miss out on the season when hills are cloaked in the stunning beauty of Japan’s nemophila. Grab tickets now and immerse yourself in the charm of this delicate spectacle in Osaka! Gotta GO:

Booking period: Now until 24 March 2024 (23:59)
Travel period: 5 April – 15 July 2024

*優惠數量有限,受細則及條款約束。只適用於預訂由香港出發的來回機票,票價不包括相關稅項及附加費,旅客人數必須為二人或以上。實際結算金額可隨匯率而變動,以系統顯示為準。Limited availability. Terms and conditions apply. The offer is only valid for return bookings originating from Hong Kong. Fares do not include taxes and surcharges. The final settlement amount is subject to the exchange rate; please refer to the system display.

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