HK Express : 唔一定係學生先有暑假優惠

【Experience Nagoya This Spring and Summer!】

就算你無暑假放,都可以安排一個屬於自己嘅仲夏假期!名古屋來回票價限時低至 HKD596*,立即計劃嚟緊嘅春夏之旅啦!即時飛得嘅話,仲可能睇到盛開嘅櫻花 !而 4月至9月都將會有大大小小嘅花火大喺名古屋舉行。6月更有熱田神宮每年最大嘅祭典「熱田祭」可以發掘!立即約朋友一齊飛去名古屋,着起浴衣感受濃濃嘅夏日氣氛!Gotta Go:

預訂日期:即日至 2024年3月21日(23:59)
旅遊日期:2024年4月5日 至 9月30日

Summer is fast approaching, even if you don’t officially have a summer , you can always treat yourself with an exclusive midsummer holiday? With round-trip fares to Nagoya as low as HKD596*. Setting off soon? There’s still a chance to experience this year’s cherry blossoms. And if your schedule doesn’t align, fret not – Nagoya’s bustling with fireworks festivals all the way from April to September. Don’t miss the Atsuta Festival in June, a highlight event at the Atsuta Shrine, and the city’s grandest annual celebration. Gather your friends, jet off to Nagoya, and dive into the exuberant summer vibes in yukatas:

Booking period: Now until 21 March 2024 (23:59)
Travel period: 5 April – 30 September 2024

*優惠數量有限,受細則及條款約束。只適用於預訂由香港出發的來回機票,票價不包括相關稅項及附加費。實際結算金額可隨匯率而變動,以系統顯示為準。可選用「里數加現金」的方式兌換機票及其他服務 (包括行李、餐飲服務、座位選項、U-First優先服務等) 。

Limited availability. Terms and conditions apply. The offer is only valid for round-trip bookings originating from Hong Kong. Fares do not include taxes and surcharges. The final settlement amount is subject to the exchange rate; please refer to the system display. Miles Plus Cash is available for redeeming flight tickets and extras (baggage, food and drinks, seat selection, U-First).

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